Fly straight to The Old Crow!

Our office is full of ‘foodies’ and one of our Marketing girls, Dea, has fallen in love with The Old Crow in Northbridge. Read her review below!

old crow 2

Thursday June 26th marks the night I fell in love with little old Northbridge. Often thought of as Perth’s nightclub central where one can pick up a $5 greasy noodles dish at 4am, the suburb is certainly evolving into a culinary dream. With restaurants opening left, right and centre, I’m about to argue that The Old Crow is the coolest venue to hit the area!

Despite hearing numerous great things about The Old Crow since it opened less than a year ago, I was yet to try it.

Luckily, my friend organised her birthday dinner there last night so I was forced to find out what all the fuss was about.

It was raining and cold but fortunately parking was easy to find on Newcastle Street (though keep in mind it was a Thursday night)

We walked through the doors at 6.30 to what felt like a long way away from Perth. A flawless mix of sexy old-world charm infused with an effortlessly cool American twist, it was as if we had stepped back in time. The place was warm and cosy and something about the rustic wooden décor and ambient lighting seemed to fit the rainy and miserable weather outside perfectly.

We were greeted with a friendly smile from a lady wearing a funky stripped top and suspenders (the standard uniform it appears) and she escorted us to our table to meet the others.

Our drinks order was taken as soon as we sat down. Less than 3 minutes later, I was drink-in-hand (a delicious dry martini) munching on tasty warm olives and freshly baked bread , delivered to the table along with the drinks as a complimentary starter.

My mind was made up- I loved this place already! Speedy service and free bread with olives to kick start my appetite…

Deciding what to order was tough- there was certainly no shortage in options. Luckily, the waitress was an expert on the menu and could answer all of my difficult questions- yep, I’m one of “those”.

She recommended we choose a dish from both the ‘small plates’ and ‘large plates’ list (so expect to spend about $50. 00 on the food portion of your evening)

I opted for the Corn & green onion fritters, bubba, sour cream ($16.5) to start. Hands down, the best corn fritters I have tried –and trust me, I eat a lot of them. The perfectly fluffy fritters sat on a bed of rich and smoky baba ganoush which gave the whole dish a creamy texture and the flavours complemented each other entirely.
The serving size was very generous for a titled “small” dish and very deserving of its $16.50 price tag.

old crow
So far so good, I couldn’t wait for my main meal.

Our table was cleared promptly and cutlery was replaced right away.

Drink orders were flowing and our waitress was more than attentive to ensure we weren’t going thirsty.

The mains came out a short 15 minutes after the table was cleared- Just enough time to have a little breather without getting too anxious waiting for the mains.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw all 11 dishes come out at once, a massive rarity for an establishment in Perth!

I opted for the Hot smoked fish, bourbon butter sauce ($29.00) and because I can never eat enough, a side of the Dirty potato’s, jalapeños, ranch, burnt ends ($9.50)

The smoked fish was salmon (my favourite) and one of the better salmon dishes I have tasted. Cooked to perfection, it was complemented beautifully with the bourbon butter sauce.

To be honest, I wouldn’t pick the bourbon in it but the silky texture and salty, buttery flavours in the sauce worked beautifully with the salmon. The salmon skin was faultless- brown, crispy, thin and salty and without the greasy fat underneath which was followed by a layer of ever-so-slightly flaky meat, completely tender and juicy and almost sashimi-esque.
Definitely not needed, though enjoyed nevertheless, were the dirty potatoes. An explosion of sweet, spicy and smoky flavours, the potatoes were shared by the whole table who were dying to try a piece as they saw it come out. Despite being placed under the “sides” section of the menu, the sizing certainly didn’t reflect it- there was plenty to go around!

But I wasn’t the only one impressed…

My partner ordered what to me looked like half a pig sitting on a plate (the honey & chipotle roast pork, kale, cannellini beans) and the fact that he didn’t say a word as he devoured the generous serving says it all really.

There were certainly some happy meat lovers at the table with others ordering a mixture of lamb pork and beef. I often overheard them competing with one another on who’s dish was better…

Impressively, there was not one complaint from the table and everyone was absolutely “stuffed”- the good kind of stuffed.

My friend organised a cake as it was her birthday, so we didn’t get to try the dessert menu which sounded just as appetizing as the savory dishes on offer.

I looked down at my watch and could not believe it was 9.00pm. We had been there for over two hours but I had completely lost track of time – I’d say it’s a credit to the staff who kept us eating and drinking the whole time.

This place has really earned is already great reputation and with an ever changing menu, is about to become my regular.

They also have (from what I hear) a great brunch menu if dinners not your go-to outing.

If you love good food, great service and a warm atmosphere – you can’t skip this little gem!

One last add, for the whisky drinkers out there- if you love your whisky, you’re in for a treat with the choice of several quirky and rare finds such as Balvenie S/Malt, Agavulin S/Malt and Hudson Manhattan Rye. If you’re not a whisky drinker, don’t worry, there’s plenty of beer, wine and cocktails to choose from!
Want to check it out?

The Old Crow
172 Newcastle St
Perth, Western Australia

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