How to: Decorate with white

modern white room

Why should I decorate with white?

Before you even start considering a white décor for your home, you need to know that there isn’t just one shade of white you have to work with. In fact, there are hundreds of different white shades available on the market today in an array of warmer and cooler shades. However, don’t feel overwhelmed as this actually works to your advantage!

Decorating with white works best when it is paired with a variety of different tones, textures and patterns, helping to create an interesting living space. There are generally no rules regarding white, the only thing you need to know is mixing things up with shades and patterns will help to ensure that your design space doesn’t end up looking like a sterile operating room!

White can transform a space into a variety of different things. It can be sleek and sophisticated, lush and romantic or pure and meditative. In fact it is a very workable, manageable colour which can be made applicable to so much. To us, the main benefit of white décor is its ability to suit the majority of home interior styles and spaces. No matter what design style your home follows, white is a great colour which can be utilised both inside and outside your home to help bring it to life. From shabby chic to rustic flair, white décor can be incorporated to add a renewed, clean look to any home. Furthermore, it is typically a colour that people steer away from, especially if they have young children, providing your home a unique and creative feel.

Decorating with white allows a space to appear much larger, especially if the whole room is white. Obviously, before making a space all-white-everything you need to make sure that your lifestyle will permit this type of living (i.e. maybe move away from an all-white living room if you have three kids under the age of 10 running about!) But as people around Australia turn toward downsizing their home, purchasing more apartments and unit housing, white is a go-to colour to create a sense of space.

When working with white, try not to let yourself be intimidated, look at working with white as a fresh start for you and your home to do whatever you want and go wherever your creativity will take you! White rooms are a great way to find out what inspires you. Use white as a blank canvas to support other aspects of your home. This could include your home’s architecture or perhaps surrounding views of an ocean, trees, or city. Instead of engulfing your whole room in a colour, try white and see what speaks to you in your home.

How do I decorate with white?

While white décor is a timeless look, it is also an easy interior design to update and change over time as your tastes change. You can pair it with bold, funky colours such as hot pink, aqua or yellow if you want to create a modern, trendy space, giving the room a contemporary flair. White also works well with neutrals such as grey, black and faun which can be paired with touches of silver and gold for added sophistication and luxury.

Alternatively, white is perfect for showcasing darker furniture pieces. Attempt this by incorporating white linen and accessories with your darker furniture pieces. Adding a touch of darker colours with an all-white decor will give the eye a place to rest. Be sure to decorate evenly throughout the room to create a sense of balance and structure.

White can be incorporated into a space in a range of degrees. For example, a touch of white can be employed through accessories and linen to add a touch of freshness to an area. Or you could go all out and purchase white furniture to accompany white walls. If you are thinking of committing the latter, we recommend purchasing “mostly permanent” pieces in white, which still have the option of change if absolutely necessary. White can even be incorporated outdoors with white garden furniture which adds a clean, crisp look to your outdoor living space.

Another benefit of working with white is your ability to showcase artwork and photographs more freely. Typically, in a patterned and decorated room, photographs and artwork are consistently competing with colour on the walls, furniture and décor to be noticed. When working with white, these photographs, artwork and sculptural pieces, command the attention they would otherwise not have. Consider displaying them on all-white walls, over an all-white mantle or over your all-white bed. All eyes will go right to your show stopping piece without you having to even try!

Lighting is also an important factor when decorating with white. Depending on the different interior style you are chasing, your lighting will most likely vary. For example, if you are attempting to make a space appear larger, ensure that you are accompanying the area with appropriate lighting to complement this strategy. Natural light works best with white, open spaces but isn’t always applicable. To achieve a softer, more romantic feel, pair your white décor with dimmed lighting that can be adjusted depending on the amount of light you need.

Likewise, if your decorating space lacks architectural flair, utilise warmer shades of white to help cast shadows around the area. Apply layered lighting effects in an all-white room which will help to give the effect of a warmer, more inviting area.


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