Spring- a great time for outdoor jobs around the home

The winter months have probably left your outdoor areas feeling a little un-loved. Now that the rain has stopped, it’s time to ditch the excuses and get to work!

If you are looking to spruce up parts of your home which may have been too difficult to attend to during the winter months, now might be the perfect time so start. Springtime is warm and dry enough to make outdoor work comfortable to do, but not quite hot enough to discourage you. Put the hard work in now, and enjoy a beautiful outdoor area in summer!

We look at 7 outdoor jobs and why spring is a great time to start!

1. Installing/repairing a patio


Why springtime?

Whether you are installing a patio or giving your existing one a facelift, Council approvals and plans can take weeks.  If you want to ensure that the patio is ready to be enjoyed by summer, spring time is the perfect time to commence work! The warmer and drier weather will also make work a lot more efficient with no delays in construction due to bad weather.

2. Building an addition

Home Addition Contractor in Issaquah Washington

Why springtime?

Contractors manage to build additions to entire houses and developments all throughout the year. So what’s the big deal?

There is no general rule about building additions at a particular time of the year, but better weather can only ensure that the contractor will be able to stick to the timetable. Delays might result in prices of materials rising or in wait time for crews. And of course, you will inevitably end up bearing the cost.

On the other hand, if you are attempting the work yourself, you will certainly need weather on your side.

3. Asphalting your driveway

Why springtime?

Asphalt has a “cooling off” time that needs to be carefully considered. If it cools too quickly (as it could on a cold day) it will develop clumps and bumps that can’t be fixed without tearing up the whole driveway and starting over again!

An ideal day for laying asphalt would be sunny, but not incredibly hot, as sealing a driveway would be miserable work on a blistering hot day.

4. Repairing your lawn

Raking leaves

Why springtime?

The rainy winter has most likely left your lawn full of weeds and other little surprises.

The sun is starting to shine again so use it to your advantage. Remove any sticks, leaves and debris which have accumulated over winter allowing your lawn to receive maximum sunlight and oxygen. If your lawn has some bare patches, planting seeds now will give the lawn time to fill out before summer.

5. Pruning dead and damaged branches

 Why springtime?

To help your trees and shrubs recover from the winter in time for the hot and dry summer, you will need to attend to them in the coming weeks. Prune branches which have been damaged by cold, heavy rain and wind. Use a handsaw for any which are larger than 3cm in diameter. This will allow sunlight to hit the centre of the plant promoting growth for a beautiful looking plant in summer.

6. Planting perennials


Why spring time?

If you plant your perennials at the beginning of spring, you will be allowing them enough time to get established before the heat of summer arrives. Choose a cool, cloudy, or damp day to plant, or plant in late afternoon.


7. Drywalling- indoor and outdoor

Why springtime?

Outdoor Drywalling: Ideally drywall itself should be installed in temperatures of 17 degrees or higher. Like all solid materials, drywall will expand or contract depending on the temperature- and in cold weather, it will shrink. When you hang drywall in cold weather, you need to leave a gap between the sheets to allow expansion in warm weather.

Indoor Drywalling: Sounds like a perfect indoor winter job, right? Not quite… Although this is an “indoor” job, you will need the weather to help you out!

Drywalling will result in dust- and a lot of it!  You need be able to keep your windows and doors open for most the day while you work- an almost impossible venture in winter!


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