Getting your home ready for trick-or-treaters

While Halloween isn’t a hugely celebrated holiday in Australia, we still can’t seem to escape the odd trick-or-treater! Here are some tips and tricks to help ensure your home is ready for Halloween this year!


Light it up

A key aspect of providing a safe Halloween experience for the little ones is adequate lighting. Start by making sure the path to your house is bright enough for trick-or-treaters to approach safely. Whilst you may not be looking to install a year-round landscape lighting extravaganza, simple lighting options are always available. For example, you can always opt for glow sticks or tea lights which provide temporary and affordable lighting to ensure the safety of visitors. Lastly, while it can be tempting to switch off your porch lighting to add to the spookiness (or deter trick-or-treaters) it’s much safer to keep it on.

Minimise trips

Halloween can be an exciting time for kids who are most likely running around on a sugar high! And being kids, they may pay little attention to their surroundings. To limit any accidents it is best to take a look at the front of your home for any potential hazards. In the full light of day, check your front lawn and garden, driveway and pathway for any exposed roots, cracks or missing pavement. Try to make repairs where possible or at least highlight the areas of caution to limit concern. If you are a Halloween enthusiast though and are choosing to decorate your front garden with an assortment of decorations, make sure to relocate electrical cords to ensure they are out of the way.

Get decorating!

As mentioned above, if you’re part of a household that enjoys Halloween, why not decorate your home to encourage trick-or-treaters to visit? This time of year you can access a range of different decorations from party shops and budget stores, so why not make the most of it! Spider webs in a bag are fantastic for decorating shrubs and trees in your front garden, whilst traditional jack-o-lanterns are on your doorstep are a classic aspect to any Halloween home. The world is your oyster when it comes to decorating; think gravestones, ghosts and ghouls – anything that has the potential to frighten!

Secure your pets

Should you have some household pets, no matter how friendly, remember to contain them in some way come Halloween. Not only could they escape but some Halloween costumes could be just as frightening to your pets. Make sure to secure your pets in a comfortable place where they will still feel safe and at home.

Don’t forget the treats

No matter what anyone says, trick-or-treating is purely about the lollies! Most stores will have candy sales this time of year so why not buy up on what you think kids in your area will enjoy. Chocolate and gummy lollies are always popular and it is always better to buy a couple more bags than you normally would in case you have a higher volume of visitors compared to last year. Plus, you get to keep any leftovers for yourself – it is a win-win situation really!

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