Tips for vendors over Christmas

As shopping centres around the nation start to display all of their Christmas decorations, ready for the festive season, we start to realise just how close we are to the holidays.

This can be a major turn off for potential vendors, as there is nothing worse than increasing the anticipation and anxiety that Christmas already brings than listing a property for sale. However, there seems to be a bunch of buyers circling the market at this time, looking to settle their family into a new home just in time for Christmas or the start of the new school year in February.

The approaching holiday deadline causes havoc in the property market, but it is important to remember, auctions and deals can be completed right up until Christmas Eve – so you aren’t too late! Last year, every state experienced solid interest in the weeks coming up to Christmas, with Sydney clearing 300 auctions just four days before Christmas – so don’t be discouraged!

If you’re a vendor with your property on the market, consider the following:

Choose the right agent

Make sure you select the right agent for your property. Do your research and find an experienced, hardworking sales associate that really knows your local area. Choose an agent that seems pro-active, with the ability to find the right buyer for your property.

Be domestic

Make sure you give your property a quick spruce – clean your carpets, wash the windows, touch up paintwork, polish tiles and tidy garden beds. You’ll be surprised how little things can make huge differences to the overall picture.

Keep cool with the decorations

We know it is a festive time of year, but that doesn’t mean you should clutter your home with holiday decorations. Keep in mind that buyers are looking for their dream home, and a magnitude of fussy Christmas decorations can often distract from the good qualities of the home. Take a subtle approach this year and opt for a smaller Christmas tree or just some simple decorations. It will be less for you to pack away in the long term anyway!

Organise inspections and reports

Take initiative and organise a building and pest report which can be viewed by potential buyers. Not only could this speed up the selling process, it will also help you to identify any issues needing taken care of.

Make sure the price is right

We’ve mentioned it before, but we will say it again – be sensible when pricing your property. Listen to your agent’s advice and even conduct some of your own research to see if you think it’s an achievable price.

Don’t wait any longer

Don’t waste any time waiting for print advertising for your property. Showcase it widely via the internet on all mediums to let buyers know it is available and ready for purchase.

Be accommodating

If potential buyers are interested in viewing your property outside of the scheduled home open times, try and be accommodating! This could be a serious buyer who has viewed your property online and wants to take a closer look. Remember, it can be a busy time for everyone, so a little cooperation could go a long way!

Offer extended settlement

If you’re in no rush to sell before Christmas, consider extending your settlement terms to early next year – say March 2015. This will give the buyer a chance to sell their own property throughout January and February, most likely appealing to a broader range of potential buyers.

Good luck!


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