Christmas: DIY centrepieces

Having your family and friends round to your place this Christmas? Decorating your dining table with some Christmas spirit will surely set the scene for a festive occasion! With Christmas time already becoming increasingly expensive, you will happy to learn that decorating your table doesn’t need to be a costly or time consuming task. In fact, let your creativity come to life and try some of these simple, yet effective centrepiece table ideas. And, the best part… you’ll already have most of the materials!

For the traditional hosts

If you’re a sucker for the more traditional vibe, then this red and green centrepiece will be the perfect fit for you. Place three to five candles in a variety of Christmassy colours in a line down a rectangular or square serving plate. Surround the candles with cranberries, garnish with a few green leafy branches from your garden and dust with icing sugar to create a snowing effect over the berries.


For those who like a pop of colour

If you want to add a bit of colour to your dining table, why not try one of these options. Fill a bowl or vase of any colour with leftover Christmas ornaments you have. Round baubles usually work best, but you can always experiment with different shapes and sizes to see what looks most appealing.

To give it that extra wow factor you can place the bowl or vase on a rectangle or square plate and surround it with extra Christmas ornaments, leafy branches from the garden, or cranberries. Adding extra touches such an icing sugar to replicate snow, or a bold coloured ribbon around the bowl or vase can also help the centrepiece come to life.

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For the bold ones

If you’re after a crafty, bold Christmas centrepiece, why not give this option a go! Using a hot glue gun, attach candy canes around the perimeter of an old vase of your choice. Then, arrange a bouquet of flowers within the vase before topping it off with a ribbon tied around it. You can opt for contrasting flowers and ribbon, or go with a classic Christmas look seen in the picture below.


For those who dine outdoors

If you’re like the majority of Australians and want to make the most of the great weather we experience over the festive season then consider this elegant, yet simple centrepiece. Surround candle lit lanterns with fresh greenery from your garden and pine cones for the perfect outdoor décor.


For the crafty Christmas

Looking for a creative way to display all those Christmas cards you’ve received? Why not shown them off on a centrepiece tree? Using twigs from your own garden and arrange them in a long glass or vase and clip or tie the Christmas cards to the twig ends. For an added burst of Christmas colour why not weave a bold coloured ribbon through the display, or around the glass or vase.


Images via Midwest Living

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