De-cluttering room by room – ‘The Bedroom’

It’s safe to say that we spend little of our conscious time in our bedrooms, often leaving it at the bottom of our list when it comes to de-cluttering and organising. It is not uncommon for the bedroom to become a storage area for all of our belongings we are yet to find the right place for in the rest of the house. And let’s not forget how easily our bedrooms can turn into a construction site within a few short minutes…. Don’t deny it, we have all been there, running around in a chaotic state, throwing clothes around, trying to locate that one jumper before rushing off to work.

Aside from the obvious benefits, did you know that a clean, organised room can help you sleep at night? Well, a messy, cluttered bedroom might be causing you unconscious stress which could be disturbing your sleep. If that’s not reason enough to keep a tidy bedroom, we don’t know what it is! After all, that’s what a bedroom is for, sleeping in!

So where to start?

The dreaded wardrobe

The wardrobe is undoubtedly the clutter centrepiece of the bedroom. It’s where unworn clothes, shoes and random items that don’t even belong in the room reside in piles upon piles of mess. There is really only one system here – remove everything, place it on your bed and start sorting! This includes bags, shoes, belts and scarves as well as all of your day-to-day clothing.

Split the items into three piles: donate, bin and keep.

To help you organise, try purchasing new coat hangers of the same colour and size and hanging drawers for those little items which are difficult to fold and keep tidy.


If it doesn’t fit, still has a tag on or you forgot you even had it (you probably won’t miss it in that case).


If it’s old or ripped and will be of no use to someone else.

Do this same process with your dresser/ chest of drawers. A great trick is to remove everything from the drawer with the aim of cutting the pile in half. Half you will keep, the other half you will part with.  It might sound difficult now, but we can almost guarantee you won’t miss that 8th pair of black socks! Opening your drawer without clothes falling out will be refreshing and well worth it in the end.

Hanging drawers

The bedside tables

Despite being another major ‘clutter culprit’, the bedside table will be much easier to sort (or at least it should be).

Make sure you remove all items that don’t belong. What do we mean by that? If you are not using it from your bed every night or at least weekly, it doesn’t need to be there.

If you notice your bedside table becoming increasingly cluttered, think about what’s causing it and whether you are in need of a bigger solution. If books are your problem, perhaps you need a hanging book shelf nearby?

Under the bed

When’s the last time you looked under your bed? Never, right? There’s nothing wrong with storing items underneath your bed. In fact, it’s a great idea! It puts large, less frequently used items out of sight but with easy access for when they are needed. The question is, what is under there and does it need to be there?

Your easiest option is to pull everything out so that you can see what you’re working with.

If you are keeping seasonal clothing or bedding neatly in boxes or vacuum bags then that’s fine, it make sense to have them packed away when not required. But if the area has become more of a “general” storage unit where anything and everything goes, you have a problem on your hands.

It’s time to go through each of the items and think about the last time you used them or had a need for them.

If you forgot it was there, and have not used it in months, you might want to consider donating it to someone who will.

Remember… A bedroom is for sleeping

Your bedroom should really be comprised of a bed, bedside tables, draws and wardrobe. Of course, some cool ornaments of features such as mirrors, lamps and decorative chairs will make the space more cosy and personalised but in terms of items that make the room “functional”, your bed should take centre stage.

Are you using your bedroom as a lounge room or worse, an office? If your work station is in your bedroom, we recommend finding a new home for it. Your bedroom shouldn’t be a constant reminder of those pending e-mails. It can cause unconscious anxiety and a restless night’s sleep.

Even though many of us find some “telly” in bed to be relaxing, studies have proved that televisions can directly impact our quality of sleep.

Less is more

Open, clutter-free space is calming and could impact positively on your night’s sleep. Consider getting rid of unnecessary furniture in the bedroom to create an airy space, perfect for snoozing in. Nobody wants to wake up to a room full of mess. It’s no way to start a day!

Happy sorting!

Bedroom pic

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