Decorating with the colour of the season: Oxblood

Ok, so it doesn’t have the most charming name but call it what you will – burgundy or maroon – this dark and sultry shade is warming up colour schemes this coming winter and it is time to get comfortable with this daring shade!

Decorating with red can always be intimidating, but oxblood is the perfect shade to help transform and warm any room in your home. The colour is discrete but luxurious and will help to add an element of sophisticated elegance to your property.

Plan and prepare

To get a better idea of how things will work sketch out a room before painting, changing flooring or purchasing furniture by using coloured pencils to draft your ideas. Attach fabric, paint and leather samples to the sheet to further help you visualize the final outcome and how it will blend with your current interiors.

Start off small

If you’re new to decorating with colour, it is always best to test the waters first. Start by introducing touches of oxblood red with accessories. Think throws and cushions for bedrooms or living areas and tea towels or tablecloths for kitchen and dining areas. These elements can help to make a big impact on neutral areas without costing you.

Alternatively, if you are a touch braver, why not invest in show stopper pieces that will attract attention such as canvas prints, tray tables or duvet covers. These pieces can still be located on a budget but will help to bring warmth to your home over the cooler months ahead.

Is it just a trend?

So you might like the colour, but you don’t love it, and certainly couldn’t have it in your home for all of eternity. In this case, the safest method for decorating with oxblood is to treat the colour as a trend – add the colour in small, inexpensive accessories within your existing rooms.

The idea of a “trend” is that it will pass as the seasons change. The last thing that you want, is to be decorating with last year’s colours because you spent three months’ salary on an accessory you couldn’t leave on the store shelf.

Decorating on a budget

Cushions, table runners, candles, and small statuary and just a few inexpensive items to purchase, or make, in the season’s hottest hue, to keep your interiors seasonally savvy. A fantastic way to switch up your colour scheme inexpensively, is to paint your existing accessories as you change your room’s colouring.

Making a statement

Accent pieces, such as artwork or unique furniture, are a bold way to showcase a trend. Make sure you feature an accent piece in a central space, and try not to crowd it with additional accents or furniture. A great way to make a statement is a feature wall – think patterned wallpaper or loud paint. Just make sure it doesn’t clash with existing patterns, prints or colours in the room. If you’re going to make a statement, do it right!

It’s all about balance

Achieving just the right colour and fabric combination in a room is essential when decorating. Using the right mix of patterns, textures, hues and shades will help bring your decorating vision to life. Rich colour choices, such as oxblood, are suitable for using on leather furniture and fabric coverings as well.

Knowing how to best blend colours, to get the most out of the unique shade of oxblood, can produce a dramatic end result. Oxblood pairs exceptionally well with neutrals, icy blue, deep greens and rich navy blue – perfect for candle-lit dining rooms and dramatic hallways.

Go the whole nine yards

Why not open yourself to the possibility of applying trends beyond decorative pieces, to practical household items as well? A set of oxblood red cookware is an exciting surprise in the kitchen, and will certainly help to spice up the area.

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