What to do with your spare room

Are your kids all grown up and moved out, leaving their bedrooms empty and beckoning for a new use? Or do you use your spare room as a junk yard, stashing all your items that don’t have a proper home? Well, it’s time to think about a way that you can maximise this space to create your own special place!

To find a use for your spare room you don’t need to be practical, just let your imagination run wild! Think of a hobby or retreat that you could create for yourself to escape from the stresses of life and make sure that extra room gets put to good use.

Here are some promising ideas to consider.

Sleeping room

Everyone could do with more sleep once in a while, and as we all live busier lifestyles these days, a little nap can go a long way. So why not indulge on the weekends in your own bliss sleeping room? Some might ask what is the difference between a sleeping room and a bedroom, trust us, there is a massive difference! A sleeping room is a quiet retreat, free of any disruptions. No phones, no television, no disturbances of any kind– just a quiet place for you to relax and catch up on some well-needed z’s.

Sleeping room


If you enjoy a good read, especially the latest best seller, then I imagine your ideal retreat is a room filled with your book collections. Decorate the room with wall-to-wall shelves to display your books by genre. Position an array of comfortable seating options near windows to soak up natural lighting whilst installing an assortment of overhead and wall lighting to ensure you can enjoy this escape any time of the day!


Morning Room

Do you have a morning routine that your perform without fail? Maybe drinking your morning cuppa whilst flicking through the newspaper? Or even performing a traditional sun salutation and meditating before the day ahead? No matter what it is, make the most of it by building a room around your favourite morning activity. Decorate accordingly to ensure the space is not cluttered with unnecessary items.

Morning room

Music room

If you’re a musician or have a practicing musician in your home, you’ll know the space speakers, amplifiers, instruments and stands take up, especially if they aren’t stored in a consistent area. So it’s time to designate a room of your home specifically to music. Just make sure you include carpet, rugs, curtains and any type of upholstered furniture to help buffer the sound throughout your home.

music room

Play room

Grandkids? It’s time to give up – just surrender to the toys! You’re never going to be able to keep a lid on them, so all you can do from this point is contain the chaos. Designate your spare room to the play room, keeping all the toys inside that particular fun zone and then reclaim the room they grow older.

play room


Do you have an artistic hobby? Be it painting, knitting, sewing or crafts, these kind of pass times need a studio to help the creative juices flow. Arrange a comfortable chair, with a desk or easel set up close to natural lighting. Paint the walls in a neutral tone and arrange storage options to keep your supplies as tidy and safe as possible.

art studio

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