Everything you need to know about wine cellars

For keen wine collectors, there comes a time when your collection demands more than just your average wine rack. In these cases, a full wine cellar with an abundance of storage seems like the only logical solution. It’s no secret that most Australians love the odd wine (or two) and these days, wine cellars are becoming a more and more popular instalment into homes – not only for those keen wine collectors, but those who just enjoy the odd glass here and there.

Whilst wine cellars can be extremely appealing to the eyes, they also can add value to your home – especially if the right buyer is in the market. They serve as an intriguing place to show friends and visitors, particularly if you have a couple of noteworthy bottles hidden in your collection.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re storing half a dozen bottles, or 500, wine cellars can come in an array of different sizes and shapes. Ranging from small wine fridges installed in your bar or kitchen, to complete walk-in coolers, wine cellars can even come with seating, a tasting area and all the known wine bar accessories such as wineglasses, carafes, aerators and corkscrews.

Obviously, your chosen wine cellar design will depend on what you want to achieve, the size of the space you are working with and your budget. Are you contemplating a wine cellar because you need the storage space or because you’d like to use it for entertaining? Perhaps you are more of a beer fan – in that case you might lean more towards a bar set up with fridges and stools. If you’re a true wine ­enthusiast at heart, you will likely care more for the room temperature and wine rack storage.

However, too often wine cellars can be built incorrectly, without the proper insulation, equipment or technical knowledge needed to take care of the wine properly. This can ruin the wine, resulting in huge costs which could be easily avoided. In order to own and operate a successful wine cellar, it comes down to two things: 1 – planning and 2 – expert advice from a professional.

What should I include in my wine cellar?

When planning your cellar, think about the size of your wine collection (or the size you hope it becomes one day!) A serious collector should consider investing in a walk-in cooler with large wall-mounted racks or several tall wine fridges to ensure that storage space isn’t an issue in the future. You can even mimic your favourite winery in a creative way by turning your wine cellar into a tasting area. Add a dining table or bar nearby, and be sure to keep wine accessories on hand. Alternatively, for a beginner, a home bar with a wine fridge and small rack should be sufficient.

How should I store my wine?

Of course, storing wine at the right temperature is the primary function of a wine cellar. If you keep your wine a room that’s too warm, your wine may age faster, oxidise and lose character and flavour. This is a common problem for properties around Australia. If your cellar does not naturally maintain a consistent temperature, you may want to invest in temperature control methods or several wine fridges. A professional wine cellar design specialist can help you create the ideal conditions for your personal collection.

How should I decorate my wine cellar?

Although classic Mediterranean cellars are increasingly common, changing up the décor is an easy way to make your wine cellar reflect your personal style and taste. Ornate wood and stone are common traditional materials, while metal and glass finishes are on trend. You could include mosaic tile murals, barrel ceilings and archways, or you can even go modern with sleek lines and minimal decorative displays. Regardless of your style, be sure all your materials, furniture and decorative accessories support each other; a mismatched space can lead to décor confusion and an incomplete room. It is also important to ensure your wine cellar style is a reflection of the rest of your home. A traditional, ornate home with a modern, sleek wine cellar is not appealing!

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