Creating the perfect parent’s retreat

Nowadays, it is becoming more and more common to find a parent’s retreat featured in homes. Typically, children end up taking over the whole house with toys scattered from bedrooms, to lounge rooms, to outside living spaces too. When the time finally comes for the adults to relax, sometimes the only spare bit of real estate left in the house is the bedroom, and we all know that good sleep patterns dictate that bedrooms are just for sleeping in. So don’t think you’re being selfish, and set aside some time just for you!

After all, it really is every parent’s dream – a child-free area of the home used as an escape from the chaos of parenthood. It really sounds great, doesn’t it? So, why not make it a reality?! It’s much easier than you think and will help to give you that little rest you need and deserve.


No matter whether you’re hoping to work or relax in your retreat, you’ll need to delegate a specific part of your home for the purpose. It is important to remember that you don’t need a whole room to serve as a parent’s retreat, you can in fact utilize any space to call your own. Whether you use an extended part of your bedroom, your guest or spare room or even just a recliner in the corner of your lounge room – you should be able to find refuge in any space away from the ruckus of parental life!

If you have a particular hobby or craft that you enjoy, why not focus your parent’s retreat around that pastime? For example, if you play an instrument or sew you could easily convert your spare room to a music or sewing room. If you don’t have the space in your property, try building some! As long as you have the means, building an addition to your property – be it an extra room, floor or structure – may be the solution you really need. This may also come in handy when you choose to list your property in the future, increasing your resale value and appealing to buyers who want to work from home.


Once you’ve decided what you want to do with the space, you’ll need to match the décor with your purpose. What do you want from the space – somewhere to relax, reflect and meditate in peace? Or is it somewhere to be energised, stimulated and creative? Will you entertain other adults in the space or is it a private area only for one or two of you? The answers to these questions will help shape the space itself, especially when it comes to furniture, décor and design elements.

Whether you want an all-white décor that creates a calm environment, or if you just want a cosy spot to watch the footy, you will want comfortable seating, pleasing decorations and the ability to shut the world out. Make yourself the focus of the space with photos of things you love or mementos of your family’s life together.


Now comes the difficult part – making sure the kids know they aren’t welcome. This can be difficult if you have young children, but if you have older kids hopefully they’ll understand. However, most importantly you will need to make sure you achieve a nice balance between alone and family time, you can’t retreat to your special place for too long leaving your kids unsupervised to run riot. However, assigning a time each day for everyone to nap, relax or just have some quiet time will help to distinguish your retreat time, and ensure everyone in the family experiences some down time to relax and unwind.


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