Selling your house in autumn

Many property experts will debate on the “right” month or season to sell your property. The truth is, there really is no rule. In an unpredictable market where prices fluctuate, waiting for that so called “right time” could end up working against you. If you are ready to sell, speak to your local property expert and consider putting you property on the market this autumn.

For many, autumn is a favorite time of year. There’s something quite beautiful about this season, from the change in tree leaves to the cool crisp mornings. Best of all, its finally time to turn off the those air conditioners, open up windows and enjoy the fresh autumn air.

Autumn can also be a perfect time for a home open, especially after a long, hot summer where midday home opens were less than comfortable, often drawing in smaller crowds. So if you are considering selling this season, the weather is in your favour and with these three home open tips, you can’t go wrong!

Start from the outside

Cool weather brings with it rain, wind, scattered leaves and dreaded weeds. While your home is on the market, gardening should be a weekly task. Rake leaves off the grass, pull out any visible weeds and ensure the front entrance is swept and tidy.

Treat weeds as you see them, the longer you delay, the harder it will be to remove them!

Before the rain sets in, ensure you clean out the gutters. It might not be something visible at a home open but it’s an important task to complete before and after winter- especially when handing over your property to its new owner.

Brighten the place up

As the days get shorter, your home will become darker much sooner. If you’re opting for ‘viewings by appointment’ (which could mean after work hours) or evening home opens, you will need to ensure that you have adequate lighting to really showcase your property.

Replace dull globes with bright, warm ones and consider strategically placing lamps in rooms you’d like to draw particular attention to.

Make it warm and cosy

The point of a home open is to showcase your property, and to do that, you want to keep potential buyers in there for as long as possible. If the buyer can picture themselves in the space, then you’re on the right track to getting an offer.

There is something quite off putting about a cold room and if doesn’t feel welcoming, most buyers will be quick to leave. You need to find a balance between leaving a room spacious and clutter-free enough so that the buyer can visualise their belongings in there, without making the space look empty and uninviting.

Add some cushions and throws to you lounges, chairs and bed to create a homely feel. Shaggy rugs under dining tables or sofas will also work well. If you have a traditional fireplace, have some logs stacked next to it to create a visual of what winter nights could look like for the buyer.

Try lighting some candles around the place, this will provide addend light, a feeling of warmth and if scented, leave your home smelling lovely. But be careful not to use overpowering scents, sticking to light fragrances such sandalwood, vanilla or coconut.

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