Design Trends for Bathrooms

Believe it or not, we spend a lot more time in the bathroom than we’d probably like to admit. The average person spends one and a half years of their life in the bathroom, so why don’t you make it a nice space that you can actually enjoy too?

These days a well-designed bathroom can add real value to a home. Not only is a bathroom a functioning space, it also can serve as a relaxing escape from the stresses of life. That’s why it is more important than ever to keep these spaces feeling fresh, charming and stylish, reflecting the homeowner’s personality whilst still serving its primary purpose.

So, if you’ve been thinking about revamping your bathroom, here, we list design trends that are emerging throughout 2015 which might serve as some inspiration for your DIY project.

In touch with nature

Have you always envisioned a serene sanctuary to escape to? A big bathroom trend for 2015 is involving our natural surroundings which helps to warm the space and add a calming vibe to a room which is often thought to be cold and sterile. Include natural elements in your bathroom by utilising materials such as stone flooring and bench tops, or wooden tiles and decorative features.

Another great way to bring the outdoors in is to feature plant life in your bathroom. Forget pot plants or hanging planters, and think more vertical gardens and cascading creepers which help to bring some life to your bathroom – literally! Whilst plant life can add a stunning feature to any bathroom, they also are also good for the environment and your overall health and wellbeing!

Natural 1 Natural 2 Natural 3

Funky floor tiles

Make a statement in your new bathroom by featuring some fancy floor tiles. Whilst this has been a common trend throughout different decades, it would seem that a striking floor isn’t going anywhere any time soon! If you have a small bathroom, floor tile features are even more popular. They give you an opportunity to give the space a touch of personality and style without overcrowding the room. A floor feature is also a trend that can be adapted no matter what style the rest of your house might follow. The right tile can be found no matter whether you home follows a minimalist, rustic or French provincial style!

Flooring 1 Flooring 2 Flooring 3

Simple bathtubs

Freestanding, simple baths are back by popular demand! They are incredibly striking, not only do they look amazing, but freestanding bathtubs also appeal to home owners as they create a relaxing space to enjoy. It is always important to find the right tub to suit both your house design style but also your bathroom’s style. Should your bathroom feature a lot of angular aspects, it’s always good to purchase a bath with a curve, which will help to compliment the remainder of the room.

Bathtub 1 Bathtub 2 Bathtub 3

Bigger and better showers

Bigger showers are certainly emerging as the favourite amongst renovators. Not only are people opting for larger, more spacious showers, they are also opting for some with better in-built features. Forget adjustable heads and baskets, these showers come with a big, luscious ‘rain-like’ shower head and inbuilt storage outlets for amenities as seen below.

Showers1 Showers 2 Showers 3

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