Entertaining outdoors over winter

With winter on its way, you might think it’s time to say goodbye to entertaining outdoors for a while but, there are ways that you can still enjoy your backyard throughout the cooler months.

Throughout Western Australia we are quite fortunate to enjoy great weather most of the year round, experiencing only mild winters compared to some other parts of the world. Yet, winter does bring a chill to the air, particularly in the South-West and some coastal parts of the state, which tends to make entertaining outdoors a little undesirable.

In order to make the most of your outdoor space all year round, all you need is a little planning and preparation to help ensure your guests can remain warm at all your winter soirees!  Firstly, consider the following potential heat sources:

Patio Heaters

Patio heaters are probably the most popular outdoor heat source throughout WA due to their affordability and functionality.  No matter what size of backyard you are working with, there will the perfect patio heater out there for you. Your local hardware store will most likely offer a range of standing, table top or hanging options which will help you find the best heater for your space.

While they don’t exactly add much visual appeal to your yard, they are great for keeping smaller areas warm, and are therefore perfect for your outdoor dining area. And better yet, if you’re willing to invest a little bit more, you’ll also be able to find more attractive options such as heaters designed to look like fireplaces or wood burning stoves.



Outdoor fireplaces can be great addition to your property’s backyard. These days they are increasingly popular amongst newly-built or renovated homes, seen to potentially increase the value of some properties.

There’s no doubt that a fireplace is an excellent heat source, taking the chill out of a cool winter’s evening, whilst also helping to create a more attractive space outdoors. Fireplaces can bring a real sense of homeliness, creating comfort outdoors even in the coolest of evenings!

While this feature looks great and is a good source of warmth, fireplaces can be expensive, especially if you require a professionally designed feature that compliments the style of your patio.

Alternatively, there are lots of DIY fireplace kits available for those homeowners who feel comfortable taking on this kind of backyard project.

Fireplace patio

Fire Pits

Fire pits are perfect for keeping your guests warm outdoors and are an extremely popular method of warmth over winter months. Not only are fire pits functional, they are also attractive, providing a great outdoor gathering space for guests.

They are typically the most affordable option of patio heating, and are available in a portable or permanent form. Homeowners can purchase directly from a home improvement or hardware store, or even build themselves for a fun, DIY project.

The style and shape of a fire pit can vary greatly depending on your needs and your outdoor space available. Yet, be sure to check with your local council regarding building codes, as your area might have particular requirements such as a border of sand or gravel, and a minimum distance from a house or tree.

fire pit

Next, consider the following options which will help to create a cosy atmosphere to enjoy:

  • Contemplate adding curtains, café blinds or roll-up bamboo shades to your outdoor patio to help keep the heat in. Not only will these help to block the wind and add to your outdoor privacy, these methods will also help to shade your outdoor space throughout our hot summer months.
  • Create a welcoming atmosphere by adding candles, soft lighting and inexpensive throw blankets around the area to offer guests added warmth. Thick, comfortable cushions on furniture is also great – it will stop guests from sitting on cold metal furniture and encourage them to linger at the table for longer.
  • Be sure to offer guests hot drinks such as coffee, tea and hot chocolates to keep them warm. You could even make a point of barbequing your food, or offering roasted marshmallows to help encourage guests to gather around a heat source.

With these tips you’ll be able to venture outside to embrace outdoor living this winter. Just remember that winter nights are longer and therefore daylight is in shorter supply. Why not start your even off a little earlier than usual, this way guests can enjoy themselves in the warmest part of the day!

overall outdoor

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