How to decorate your home study

These days, a home study is a popular feature of many homes and often is a high priority when potential buyers are searching for a property. As our lives get busier, learning, socialising and working, a dedicated space for these aspects is definitely a necessity.

Your home study doesn’t need to take up a whole room of your house, which is great for those who live in a smaller property. All you need to do is allocate a corner of your spare room, bedroom or kitchen bench for all things work related if that’s all you can spare. But before you claim a space, think about what you really need from a home study – will you be running a home business? Do you need a study nook for your kids? Or just an all-round, multi-purpose room for all things study related?

Decorating a home study can be a difficult task. You need to remember that you’re decorating a creative, yet practical work space and therefore the area shouldn’t be filled with too many home comforts. Instead, concentrate on creating a professional, stylish work atmosphere – think interesting art elements and vivid colours which will help to inspire you when you’re at work.

It’s important to start with the key, basic pieces before personalising and tweaking with extras. Start with finding desk space, storage solutions, and adequate lighting before styling with homewares and personal touches.

When styling remember to think smart. Take advantage of us much space as you can – hang a pin board on your wall, add exciting wall art and personalise with fun family photos. Invest in storage solutions which can help to hide utensils and file important documents away. A smart workplace requires space and organisation so purchasing hardware, remotes, cables, leads and organising tools will only help to make your study space more practical. Finishing touches such as a vase of fresh flowers, and indoor plants can help to keep your space feeling fresh.

Find some inspiration here for your home study.

The home business study

Home Office 2

Home Office 3

Home Office 1

The bedroom study

Bedroom 3Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

The study nook

Study Nook 1

Study Nook 2

Study Nook 3

The open plan study

open plan 1 open plan 2 open plan 3

Images sourced from Houzz

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