What to do with your space under the stairs

These days, one thing we can never have enough of is storage and space! With cities growing and areas becoming even more congested, we are finding ourselves on much smaller blocks of land than 20 years ago. Therefore, it’s no surprise that we are finding more and more vertical homes popping up, utilizing all available space to build a home that caters to the whole household’s needs.

With no room available to waste, we think utilising the space underneath staircases is an idea that is often overlooked. Try and ignore visions of Harry Potter’s little bedroom under the stairs, and think of different ways you can incorporate a space for reading, storage or a quiet nap.

We know staircases can come in every shape, size and form and some of these ideas may be difficult to adapt to your home, but never the less, we hope you will be able to incorporate some similar features in your home.


Shelving is a great way of utilising storage space under staircases and besides, can you ever have too much shelf space?! Shelves are handy for many things – storing your partner’s array of spy-mystery novels, your favourite family snap shots, or your kid’s trophy collection (even if some of them are for participation only!) These stair shelves can help you proudly parade your prized possessions, whilst utilising an otherwise dull and neglected corner of the house.


Living space

Fancy a quiet corner of the house for you to sit back with your feet up? Under the stairs is just the place! All you need is a nice two seater couch, or a big comfortable arm chair, then decorate the space with your favourite things – your current read, fresh flowers and any other little decorations which will finish the space off nicely!

Living Space

Kitchen space

It’s not uncommon these days for the family kitchen to be situated upstairs along with other main living areas, with the bedrooms located downstairs. In this case, a cosy kitchen space can’t go amiss downstairs, and could in fact come in quite handy! All you need is a part kitchen which will save you having to trek upstairs for a cup of tea after a long, hard day at work.


Wine cellar

If you read one of our earlier posts (this one) you’ll know that wine racks are becoming an increasingly popular feature of many homes. If you love a good glass of wine, and always seem to have a couple of extra bottles (or 20) on hand, then make a special place for them under the stairs. Building a rack for wine is not that complicated and the final product filled with different bottles can serve as a classy decorative element!


Study nook

I bet not many of us have ever thought about utilising space under our stairs as a work environment, but this little nook could provide the perfect quiet space for studying. Although the idea requires a wide and straight staircase, you just need enough room for a desk which can be fitted, along with some small shelves. All you need to add is a laptop or PC and you’ll be ready to get to work!

Study Nook

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