Why is grey the perfect backdrop for any home?

A colour that was once thought to be dull and gloomy, is now becoming increasingly popular throughout different homes. Grey – a shade which can have a calm and soothing effect on your home, gives a fresh twist to those who prefer a neutral colour palette when it comes to interior design. Say goodbye to browns, beiges and taupes, grey is the new way to make subtle, elegant statements throughout your home.

Grey is a colour that is often referred to as the “little black dress” for your home! It is an essential colour that can be modern and edgy, yet timeless and classic. It’s the perfect chameleon as it suits just about every room, every mood and every setting throughout your home, no matter whether it is modern, federation or contemporary!

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When it comes to colour psychology, grey is a colour which represents peace, balance, calmness and safety which makes it a practical choice for your home. It is a colour which provides the perfect backdrop or base for furnishings and different home accessories, complimentary of all sorts of colours including pinks, blues, purples, and even citrus tones.

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The great thing about grey is it is a great unisex tone which can be transitioned differently throughout a home dependent on the room. Typically, lighter, softer shades have a more feminine feel while the darker, heavier shades have a stronger, more masculine effect. You can even pair several shades of grey together to achieve a complex, layered effect which adds more dimension to the rooms.


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And the best thing about grey? There is a real sense of individuality and uniqueness! While it might be the colour of the season, there really is 50 shades of grey (and then some) which means your living room won’t look like it’s been copied out of page 4 of the Freedom catalogue! Whether you love to be bold or you are a little more colour shy, there’s a shade of grey that’s perfect for you and your home.

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