Preparing your property for a home open

We’ve all heard the saying “first impressions count” and it couldn’t be more true when preparing your property for a home open.  We take a look at some basic aspects of conducting your first home open, which are sure to create maximum property appeal.


  1. Be the buyer- It’s hard to see the mistakes in our own homes. Take a step back and look around as if you are seeing the house for the first time. Ask a friend to help out if you feel you can’t detach yourself, and see if they can spot any obvious mistakes or areas which could attract unwanted attention.
  2. Curb Appeal- Sellers can get so wrapped up in making sure the interior of the house is perfect that they often overlook the exterior of the property. You may have heard of curb appeal: it’s the first visual impression created as potential buyers pass by. The idea behind creating curb appeal is to give your property an inviting look that captures the buyer’s interest initially. Make sure the garden edges are trimmed, lawns are mowed and any unnecessary items stored away neatly.
  3. Love at first sight- Get the buyers interest as soon as they walk through the door. The entrance needs to be appealing and inviting, but also ensure that the rest of the house lives up to the created expectations!
  4. Remove clutter- The buyer needs to visualise- and for this to happen, they need to see space. Hide away any unnecessary objects and ornaments which might distract the buyer from creating their own vision. The key is to create the illusion of space, not to show how much can be crammed into one area.
  5. Paint- A fresh paint job is a sure way to create a new and clean look. Stick to neutral shades, avoiding any overpowering colours which may prove difficult to co-ordinate with in the future.
  6. Take down photographs- Try to minimise family photographs. Buyers can feel uneasy when confronted with hundreds of personal family photographs and they may feel as though they are intruding on your personal space. You want them to feel comfortable, not as though they are entering your personal “family shrine”.
  7. Let there be light- Dark spaces create a negative and unwelcoming feel. Bright lighting will help set a fresh feel, and also create a happy ambience. If there is little natural light, try placing a few lamps around the place.
  8. Practical furniture arrangement- Be aware of the traffic that will be coming through your home and ensure that buyers will have a clear path, and access to all areas. Remove any potential obstacles or hazards.
  9. Maintenance- Make sure there aren’t any outstanding and obvious jobs left to be done around the house. Potential buyers will be quick to notice the cracked tile, faulty light fitting and loose door handle. Don’t give them a reason to be “put off”.
  10. Fragrance your home- It’s easy to get accustomed to particular smells in our homes, especially for those of us who have a beloved pet. Consider having your carpets professionally cleaned and strategically place some lightly-fragranced candles around the house. If you have a pet, you might want to consider keeping them outside for the duration of the home open, or better yet, leave them with a neighbour or friend.

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