How to include a statement chair in your home

No matter how many different home interior magazines you flick through there will be one aspect that is consistently featured page after page after page. No matter whether you’re looking at federation or modern contemporary lines, a statement chair is often the centrepiece feature of many rooms.

Found in studies, bedrooms, living areas and formal dining rooms, statement chairs have the ability to draw attention to a particular room or nook, define a space, or add a pop of colour or pattern to any room. While statement chairs can be extremely appealing to the eye, they are also a functional feature. Not only do they add extra seating to a room, they help bring your home’s personal interior style to life!


Things to consider:

Your taste and preference of chair

A statement chair can literally come in every shape and size – from an arm chair, to a chaise lounge and everything in between, there really is the perfect chair out there for you, you just have to find it!

In order to make this process a little easier, it is great to have an idea of what you want in mind. That way you can narrow your choices down and discard any that don’t quite fit the bill. Start by choosing what style of chair would be best; do you want a club chair, a recliner, a wing, tub or slipper?

After you’ve made your choice, it is important to think about materials. Statement chairs can come in canvas, leather, metal, plastic, suede, vinyl, or wood and it is important to find one that will suit. Consider how the material will complement the existing room, what material will be most comfortable, its price and durability.

3The perfect chair

As mentioned, it is important to find a chair that fits in well with the existing décor. Before you purchase, be sure to have a look at everything in the room and take into account all of the different colours, textures, and the overall style of the space. The statement chair should enhance everything that is already in the room rather than clash with it. In order to do this, it needs to be a colour and style that compliments what is already there.

If the statement chair is meant for a room with little current décor, you could be in luck! It is often easier to start by finding the statement piece before looking for other items. You can always find the perfect decorations and accent pieces to match after you’ve located your dream chair. This way, you are able to browse online, unique boutiques, and department stores until you find something that catches your eye before moulding your room around that piece!


Once you’ve found the right chair, it’s time to place it. As it is a statement chair, you’ll want it to speak for itself, and therefore it is important to find a spot that is relatively empty with no other distracting elements close by.

You can put your chair practically anywhere, as long as you keep your design hat on and put it in a place that will tie all aspects of the room together. Decide whether the chair is going to become an accent piece or the central figure of the room – this should help you find the perfect spot.

If you’re stuck on location, a great place to put a statement chair is close to the entry way of a room. This will ensure your guests can not miss it, the chair will be an eye-catching piece that will leave an impression on any guests.


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