Jobs to do over a weekend

Weekends are supposed to be for downtime and relaxation but sometimes you just need to accept that there are things around the house that need to be taken care of. Utilise the weekend to get some important jobs done, and believe us, your house will thank you!

Make your place sparkle

You can make your home sparkle with the entrusted help of a high pressure cleaner. You will be seriously surprised by how much grease, dirt and grime can build up on your driveway, house exterior and deck over time. With the help of a high pressure cleaner you will be able to get rid of that stubborn dirt and mould that you’d otherwise be unable to remove. Start on your driveway before moving on to your house exterior and outside decking or paving. Before you know it, your place will be looking brand new, and the envy of all your neighbours!

Fresh lick of paint

A fresh coat of paint can really do wonders but the end result all comes down to careful preparation. Start by ensuring your home is paint-ready – this means removing any imperfections or flaking paint with a wire brush or sander. Next, scrub the surface to get rid of any remaining dirt and grime. Apply a primer to seal the surface and to help the new coat appear brighter. Don’t forget to cover up window frames or any other areas you want protected with masking tape before applying the first coat of paint.

Recoat and seal your decking

If you have decking surrounding your place, it’s likely looking a little tired and worn after a summer full of entertaining outdoors. If so, now is the time to give the decking a new lease of life ready for the coming summer. Sand it right back to remove any scratches and apply a few fresh coats of varnish to ensure the area is back to it’s prime for the next entertaining season!

Give your garden some TLC

If you don’t possess a green thumb, often your garden is the first thing to be neglected. Yet, it is important to remember that your garden is the key to your property’s kerb appeal so it’s always best to give it a little attention every now and again. Start by removing any dead or unwanted branches, before throwing them into a chipper and then back into the garden. The chips make a brilliant mulch and it will add all the nutrients your garden needs to withstand the colder months. With the cooler change in temperature, it’s also an ideal time of year to build new garden beds or renovate your whole front or back yard but this can be a big job so don’t expect to complete it in one weekend!


Too often we find ourselves inundated in clutter – items we longer use, need or even like. Use a couple of days off to finally sort through your home, throwing out anything you no longer see a need for. It’s important to be cut throat when it comes to decluttering – you don’t want to show any hoarding tendencies!

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