Why you should grow your own herbs and vegetables

If you’ve considered growing your own vegetable or herb garden for a while but consider yourself a total newbie then the task can be a little daunting. Here we give you some reasons why you should definitely jump on the bandwagon – you won’t look back after you’re indulging in a decadent home cooked meal with fresh home ingredients!

Tasty and fresh

Most vegies bought from a supermarket can’t even compare to the flavour of your own home grown versions. You’ll often find that your own vegetables have a fuller flavour, are crisper, fresher and much more aromatic, which could work in favour for those of us who aren’t as savvy in the kitchen!

Save you some extra dollars

While your own veg and herb garden can be pricey to set up in the interim, once it is established, you will have access to fresh fruit and vegetables at a fraction of the price. With these fresh ingredients at your fingertips, you can make fewer trips to the grocery store, helping you save money on what you grow whilst also saving on other secondary costs such as petrol too.

Minimise health effects

Growing your own vegetables means you know exactly where the produce is coming from and how it is treated. You’ll no longer have to question whether your “fresh ingredients” have been imported from Asia or whether they have been exposed to pesticides – the peace of mind should be enough to convince you! You can also rest easy knowing there will be no recalls for tainted produce either.

Help you find 30

Believe it or not, gardening can actually be classified as exercise! The art of gardening incorporates many important exercise regimes such as stretching, stance, repetition, movement and resistance with gardening burning around 200 calories per hour.

Help improve your overall health and welfare

With your own veg and herb garden in tow, you’re likely to indulge in a diet rich in vegetables, helping you to live an overall healthier diet, reducing your risk to lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, type two diabetes and certain cancers. Spending time outdoors will also help your intake of vitamin D which can assist against many health conditions such as an overactive immune system, heart disease, and osteoporosis to name a few.

If these reasons don’t convince you then perhaps the overall feeling of job satisfaction will be the final factor to influence your decision!

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