Create a warm atmosphere in your home this winter

Sofa with matching slippers in living room

If you’re anything like us, when temperatures begin to drop you find yourself spending more and more time indoors. Let’s face it, there’s nothing better than curling up on the couch on a cold and rainy day, right? So if you’re planning to keep warm at home,  why not create an extra warm and cosy feel with these simple tips!

1. Add a throw blanket 

Throw blankets are a simple but effective way of making your living room look warm and inviting. We’ve dedicated a whole post to finding the perfect throw blanket for your space, which you can find here!

2. Experiment with texture 

Although sleek and minimalistic décor looks cool and modern, during the winter months it can make your home feel even colder than it is. So try experimenting a little by adding some textured décor. Anything from cushion covers to knitted fabrics and luxurious rugs and throws can give your home a much needed winter makeover.

3. Add floor mats and rugs 

If you find yourself tip-toeing through your home during the winter months because your tiled or wooden floors are icy cold, try laying an area rug or passageway runner down to create a sense of warmth and comfort – your feet will thank you!

4. Light some candles or use an oil burner

Decorating your room with scented candles and adding an oil burner instantly transforms a chilly room into a cosy one, and the soft lighting the candles create can add to the ambience of the room as well. We recommend using wintry fragrances like French vanilla or musk, depending on your taste, to evoke feelings of warmth in your home.

So when you feel the winter chill creeping in, try incorporating some or all of these tips into your home and help keep it at bay.

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