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Decorating your bedroom is not as simple as you might think. First you need to determine the style you want, then make sure your colour combos won’t have you wired before bed time, as well as making sure the whole space doesn’t skimp on functionality.

Below are our top ten tips to help make your bedroom better in terms of style, function and overall atmosphere.

  • Colour scheme is everything

We don’t want to be overdramatic, but the wrong colour scheme can throw out your entire life! Just kidding… but seriously, take the time to carefully map out your colour scheme to make sure your bedroom is a place of tranquillity and slumber.

For a bedroom, we recommend calming colours such as soft neutrals, understated purples and soothing blues. Shy away from shock-to-your-system primary colours like punchy reds and neon yellows – this is a soothing place, not a games room.

  • Cluttered space, cluttered mind

A bedroom isn’t going to be a calming and sleep-inducing space for you if it’s overcrowded and cluttered. By finally sorting through your overflowing closet or removing that ever-growing stack of books on the floor by your bed, you can instantly create a feeling of order and simplicity.

  • The good type of ‘bed head’

Unless you’re going for that minimalistic, lofty-vibe, you’ll probably be looking to include a bed head in your room. Choose a bed head in keeping with the style of your bedroom and your home, and experiment with texture and size.

Anything from natural-looking timber, to fabric or an iron frame can establish the style of your bedroom. We recommend going for neutral colours, so you can chop and change your bed linen choices without fear of clashing colours. But if you tend to keep your bed linen neutral feel free to opt for a funky bed head.


  • Lighting options

Of course you want your bedroom to be pitch black when you try to sleep, but during the day and in the evenings the right lighting can create the perfect mood.

A good trick for during the day is to add a mirror on the wall adjacent to the window to reflect sunlight into your room.

When evening comes and you pull the blinds down or the drapes across, you want to create a cosy, dreamy atmosphere to get your mind and body ready for sleep. Use soft lighting such as lamps, and down lights with a dimmer switch to take the bedroom from day to night.

  • Consider the size of your furniture

As with any space, the size of your furniture should match the area you’re working with. We would all love to spread out on a huge king-sized bed, but sometimes that just isn’t going to work in the room. It’s all about proportions!

So, if you have a big, clunky wooden chest of drawers that you barely have the space to open, perhaps it’s time to invest in a smaller piece.

  • Add your own personality

Remember this is your home, and your bedroom retreat. You want the space to reflect who you are and the style you like – within reason. Add your own special touches, and don’t feel like you have to choose an entirely matching bedroom set from the same range at the furniture store, or match your wall colour perfectly to your accent cushions. Otherwise, you could head into ‘catalogue’ territory, which is a place no one needs to be.


  • Decide on one focal point

Establishing the focal point of your bedroom is really important – do you want people to notice the head board first, your overhead light, or that stunning piece of art that you love? Whatever it is, try to emphasise it by making everything else secondary – if you have too many focal points of the room, it will distract the eye and make the space feel cluttered.

  • Window Dressings

Not only do they block light from waking you up at the crack of dawn, good window dressings should add style and sophistication to a bedroom. You need to combine style and practicality when choosing the right window dressing for your room.

For instance, if you need privacy during the day but still want natural light, team your blinds with sheer curtains over the top – and voila!

  • Bed Linen

We’ve nearly left it to last, but it is one of the most important choices you can make in the style of your bedroom. Texture and colour are the most important elements you’ll be working with here. We suggest opting for neutral, soothing colours that complement the rest of the room, as well as luxurious textures in the form of throws and cushions.

Ideally, you want at least two layers of body pillows to prop up your decorative ones and make your bed look plush and comfortable. It may take an extra 30 seconds to arrange, but the overall look will make you want to fall into bed at the end of the day!


  • Floor Coverings

Depending on what you’re currently working with, carpet is usually the go-to floor covering of choice for bedrooms as it is luxurious and gives a soft look. However, if you have timber or tiled floors, you can still achieve this look by adding a beautiful area rug.

Happy decorating!

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