How to improve your home’s street appeal for sale

Is your street appeal driving people away? Read on for our tips!

Your home’s kerb appeal can mean the difference between attracting a buyer, and making them drive right on past and onto the next – so it pays to get it right! So what are some ways you can help improve the look of your home?


• Clean up

Sometimes all a home needs is a good clean up to give it new life. The front of your house should be uncluttered and tidy, as this is a sign for buyers that the rest of the property will be well-maintained as well.

Take a look around the front of your home and be critical of the elements that let the façade down. That means finding a new home for any kids’ toys, bicycles, old furniture, or other junk that doesn’t add to the look of your house – even if that means their new home is in the bin.

It might also be time to get rid of anything that dates the property, like those old shutters and faded awnings.

• Paint

If the outside of your home is feeling a little bit tired and dated, it might be worth updating the look with a coat of paint. You should choose a colour palette that suits the style and period of your home, but stick to neutrals so your property casts a wide net of potential buyers.

Stumped on what colour to choose? Have a look around similar properties in your neighbourhood and base your choices off of them. And make sure you choose exterior paint that is tough enough to weather the elements.

• Concrete versus turf

If the front of your property looks more like a carpark than an inviting residence, it’s time to go green! Concrete slabs, excessive paving and gravel are not the most uplifting of materials, so bring life to the front of your house with greenery and planting instead.

Whilst we’re on the subject of turf, it’s important that yours is looking healthy and green for home open inspections. If your lawn is sandy, dry, or speckled with weeds, not only does it take away from the kerb appeal of your home, it also looks like a lot of work for potential buyers. This can be especially noticeable if your neighbours’ lawns are well maintained.

• Planting

If your front garden beds leave much to the imagination, try adding some interest with new plants. For the front of the house, we recommend going for a uniform look with only a couple of plant variations. If you’re not much of a green thumb, go for plant options that are robust and that you won’t have to constantly trim and maintain throughout your open home inspections.

• Treat wooden surfaces

If you have a wooden front fence or deck, it might be worth giving it the once over with a sander and treatment to spruce it up. A good wood treatment will freshen up the look and tells buyers your home is well-maintained.

• High pressure water cleaner

A great job that really helps to lift a home’s look is a thorough clean with a high pressure water cleaner. It’s amazing what you can reveal when you lift away years of dirt, grime and mould from your front driveway and paving! Coming out of the colder months, this is a really good job to add to your to-do list, as the wet weather can leave your outdoor surfaces in need of some attention.

If you don’t want to buy one for yourself, high pressure water cleaners can be hired out at most local home and garden centres. Just choose a nice, sunny day and get cleaning!

• Front window treatments

Updating window treatments can really transform a home’s overall look and feel when done right. But it’s not a cheap exercise, so ask your real estate agent if this is going to be worth the expense.

One of the best ways to maximise the impact of updated window treatments is to focus on the front windows of your home. That way the façade will look modern and uniform, which looks great from the street.

During home opens, we recommend leaving blinds and window treatments open to get as much natural light in as possible.

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