Simple DIY Canvas Wall Art

1If you’re looking for a simple way to customise art for your home, look no further. Fabric covered canvases are an easy wall to brighten up your hallway, living room or child’s bedroom. The best part is you can tailor the size and design to your needs.

1What you need:

  • Fabric of different colours and patterns that suit your home décor.
  • Either strong hold glue, a staple gun or a hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Blank canvas (variety of sizes can be found from art stores). Alternatively you can purchase stretchers frames

When purchasing the fabric keep in mind that you will need a little extra than the canvas’ dimensions to stretched and secure onto the back.


  1. Arrange your canvases in the order that they will hang on the wall. This way you can visualise how the fabrics will look together.
  2. Place the canvas on top of the fabric and cut around the frame. Make sure you leave 2 inches on either side to stretch and secure around the back.
  3. Stretch the fabric around to the back of the canvas and secure using glue or staples. Check the material on the front below you glue it down, as it may have stretched too far or moved off centre.
  4. Glue and leave to dry.
  5. Make a loop with wire or string around the frame  so you can hang to your wall.


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