10 reasons you should sell by auction

10608604_1604181673173015_1084636853691024056_oHave you ever considered selling your property using the auction method? We give you the lowdown on why it may be the best choice for you!

  1. A high intensity marketing campaign is conducted over a 3-4 week time frame, as opposed to a 12 week marketing plan. This puts the property on a pedestal above other properties and delivers maximum exposure in the first few weeks on the market – the time frame during which a property is most likely to sell.
  2. You take price out of the equation – by limiting the property to a certain price range, it also limits the amount of buyers you will appeal to. By removing the price factor, you are able to better attract a wider range of buyers, and more buyers leads to more competition! Also, when you advertise a price, buyers immediately start to discount and make an offer below your asking price. That means you have to negotiate down to meet them. Without a price, buyers start looking at a property on its merits and price negotiations move upwards.
  3. Control – in every other form of marketing that is available, the buyer is in control, not the seller. The buyer will dictate the terms of the contract (e.g. subject to finance, subject to sale, subject to building inspection). The buyer negotiates from a position of strength. When you sell by Auction, you set the settlement date, the terms and conditions and the reserve price. Meaning you control the process.
  4. You get a cash, unconditional contract – if the property sells before or on Auction Day.
  5. Auctions create a sense of urgency amongst buyers, which motivates buyers to make a decision on or before Auction day.
  6. You have 3 opportunities to sell with 3 competitive environments:
  • Before Auction – buyers can make offers prior to Auction to avoid competition on Auction Day or if they cannot attend.
  • Auction Day – Multiple bidders compete in cash unconditional environment, forcing the price upwards.
  • After Auction – Conditional buyers (e.g. subject to sale, subject to finance, or cash buyers can now compete for the property).101410482
  1. Auction Day negotiations are conducted in an ethical and transparent environment. Buyers can see what other buyers are offering and have a chance to better their bid.
  2. The seller is able to bid through the auctioneer to keep the price moving upwards (this is called “Vendor Bidding”), providing that Vendor bids are disclosed. A good auctioneer can squeeze every last dollar out of the negotiations.
  3. The Auction process will bring you the highest price the market is prepared to pay – this will occur whether the sale takes place before the Auction, on the day, or afterwards.
  4. Properties sold at Auction are generally on the market for fewer days than those sold using other methods.


Here at Peard Real Estate, we have a great team of professional and experienced Auctioneers, who can help you achieve your property goals.


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Peard Real Estate is an award winning network of boutique offices throughout Western Australia delivering innovative property solutions, services and results for home owners, landlords and investors.
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