A stress-free Christmas lunch

Have you taken on the brave task of hosting Christmas lunch at your place? While Christmas day should be a day to kick back, relax and spend some quality time with the family, for the organiser, it can often become the climax to the craziness that is the holiday season…

Don’t let Christmas lunch stress spoil all the fun- ensure you are organised so you can enjoy the day too! Here are our tips to make hosting Christmas lunch, that little bit easier.

  • If you are opting for seafood menu- order your seafood to pick up on Christmas Eve. Don’t leave it until the last minute- the pickings will be slim and you will be compromising on quality. If you are ordering prawns, make sure you ask for peeled (or you will be peeling for days).
  • Empty the fridge. Chuck out all the jars of dressings and condiments that haven’t been used during the year- you will need the space to store salads.
  • If you’re going to splash out on an ingredient, spend money on a ham which will serve as a lunch and dinner option for days after.

  • Make as much as you can in advance. This especially applies to desserts! Choose recipes that can keep in the fridge for a few days prior, giving you one less thing to do on the day. We love a good Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake which will stay fresh for up to 5 days!

Chocolate and raspberry cheesecake

  • Split your grocery shopping into two. A shop for Christmas and Boxing Day and one for the following days, this will limit the need for any last minute shopping trips.
  • Consider a cold Christmas lunch instead of a hot roast- a little controversial for the roast lovers out there, but a cold lunch can be just as delicious and a whole lot easier! A glazed ham, seafood or some salads are all great options and let’s face it, in our hot climate, they are probably much more suited anyway.
  • Research recipes for your leftovers! It goes without saying, left overs are very common on Christmas day, so have some plans and recipes ready for the leftover ham/turkey/vegetables. Don’t let them sit in the fridge only to be thrown out days later.
  • Delegate, delegate, delegate- as the saying goes “many hands make light work”. If you invite a crowd over, they should be pulling their weight in the kitchen. Try delegating separate parts of the meal to each person at the table.

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