5 ways to help you make life easier outdoors


No one wants to waste the weekend away trying to tend to the upkeep of the backyard. We’ve got some long term solutions to some of most time consuming chores you face outdoors.

  1. Properly maintain your pavers

Pavers have always been a great flooring choice for the outside, but unfortunately they rarely stay as clean and grime-free as the day they were laid. But don’t despair, there is a way to help minimise the build-up of dirt and grime that comes with the outdoors. We recommend using a clear sealant and a top coat to protect pavers and help prevent the initial build-up of filth. That way you only need to use a high pressure hose to touch up in the future.


  1. Mow no more

If you find yourself spending half your Saturday mowing the lawn, then it might be time to fake it.

Synthetic turf really is the way to go if you want a low maintenance lawn. There’s no watering, mowing or mulching required and you won’t see any pesky weeds popping up either!

If you’re worried about the look and feel of it, synthetic turf has come a long way, with many manufacturers producing more realistic looking and feeling turf.

  1. Self-watering systems

By setting up your very own self-watering system you’ll be given the gift of time. You and your plants will both be happy with the automated, regular watering settings and when you go away on holidays, there’s no need to ask a friend to pop round to water the plants.

These systems can be installed during construction, or afterwards. We recommend heading to your local garden and hardware store and chatting to a professional about the best way you can set one up in your garden.

  1. Just add mulch

If your garden beds are looking a bit sad and dry, all you need to spruce them up is some bags of mulch. The great thing about mulch is that it also prevents the growth of weeds, which is another backyard chore we could do without. We recommend using organic mulch, so that the soil improves over time.


  1. All fabrics should be weather-resistant

Outdoor furniture can be a real feature (and necessity!) outdoors, especially when we enjoy such a beautiful climate. But it can get a little spoilt when all the fabric on your cushions are faded and dirty.

That’s why we recommend making sure that any outdoor set you choose has weather-resistant, or weather-proof, materials. That way you can minimise the amount of time washing them before guests come over for a barbeque.


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