Simple ways to add romance to your home

Forget saving romance for Valentine’s Day, we think you should celebrate it every day of the year – regardless of whether or not you’re attached! And what better way to start than with your home? Curved, detailed, and embellished pieces spring to mind when we think of romantic decor, and we’ve got some tips to help you effortlessly create this look in your home.

  • Soft lighting


Soft lighting is one of the easiest ways to give your home a romantic glow. Not only is it more flattering than harsh, fluorescent lighting, it’s also a great way to help you relax and unwind after a long day. We recommend installing a dimmer switch to your main lights, and opting for lamps and candles instead of overhead lighting.

  • Fresh flowers


Adding flowers can instantly lift the mood and feel of a space, and certainly adds a romantic touch – whether you bought them yourself or not!

Unfortunately for us flower-lovers, constantly buying fresh bouquets every other week can get a bit pricey. But, if you don’t want to miss out on fresh blooms altogether, buying only a few stems can be just as effective, or opt for an orchid, which will look stunning for weeks to come with some care.





  • Experiment with textures, colours and prints

w300 (20)

Adding luxurious throws, cushions and rugs to a space, especially in sultry, warm tones like deep reds and pinks, is an easy way to bring romance to a room. The layering of different textures creates a tactile element to a room, ensuring it avoids looking cold and clinical.

If you’re serious about romance, then you can’t go past animal print. However, animal prints can look a bit gaudy when overdone, so restrict the use of this style to one or two accent pieces like a cushion or a throw.




  • Window treatments

w300 (12)

If you’re considering giving your window treatments a soft, romantic makeover, think floaty and whimsical. Sheer curtains are perfect for creating a romantic vibe, and with block out blinds behind them, you won’t have to skimp on privacy.


  • Add a chandelier

w300 (10)

Romance is drama, and nothing says ‘drama’ quite like a stunning chandelier. Install one in the bedroom, above your dining table, or in your boudoir for a touch of romance and elegance. Aim for understated glamour by considering the size and style of the chandelier and how it is going to work in your chosen room.





  • Bed linen

w300 (17)

Bed linen is an effective way to immediately change the way your room looks and feels. There’s sure to be a style to match the type of romance you want to recreate; from fun, flirty and whimsical to sultry, moody and seductive.

You can achieve either look by paying attention to colour choices when shopping for bed linen. The deeper and darker you go with colour, the sultrier the end result will be.

Regardless of the look you want to recreate, the one thing that is sure to ramp up the romance is layers of pillows, a textured throw, and luxuriously soft duvet.



  • Mirrors

w1000_h1000 (1)

Mirrors are perfect for adding drama and elegance to a space. Adorn blank walls with charming mirrors for an effortless romantic feel, just like this bathroom!











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