Pallet Pets

With the price of designer doggy beds going up and up, many savvy dog owners are taking matters into their own hands and embarking on DIY projects!

We found some great pet bed ideas using the standard wooden pallets. Pallets are easy to obtain, usually free and you can virtually create any design or sized bed your furry friend needs!

These pallet beds will be sturdy, comfortable and long-lasting. Here are our favourite ideas from the awesome people at

#1 – The Basic

If you’re looking for a regular-looking dog bed that’s easy to put together, this one is for you. It goes with everything in the house and can be made to fit any size dog.


#2 – Wheelie bed

Want something a little more mobile? Pallet beds can get heavy depending on the size of your dog, so adding wheels will help you move it around the house as needed.

basic with wheels.jpg

#3 – King Size

This pallet bed has a large, open feel that your dog is sure to love. Plus, it looks neat sitting around your house!

Big bed.jpg


#4 – Frame frenzy

There are plenty of ways to add your dog’s name to a pallet bed and we LOVE this idea of adding your dog’s initials using cut-out, painted wood pieces.

personlised frame


#5 – Doggie Futon

For those wanting a smaller bed that doesn’t take up as much wall space, you can use a flat pallet and leave the openings for storage underneath. Since there aren’t any sides, it’s a little more inconspicuous but just as cool and comfortable as the others!



#7– The mini

For tiny dogs, this cozy little pallet bed offers everything they need. Cute and comfy, you can design it to match your room and make it look like your own bed!



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When choosing pallets, stay away from ones that have been painted or a showing a green/grey tinge associated with pressure treated wood. They may have been processed with CCA (Chromated Copper Arsenate) which could be harmful for your pet.  A safe bet is better quality pallets, used to move materials that are not allowed to get wet – like furniture, and retail boxes.  Keep your eye out for ones that look like clean wood, white or yellowish.

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