Ten common home inspection mistakes

  • No house number

Nuumber 6

This minor detail is essential in attracting buyers to your home. Not only does it make your home easier to find for people, it is one of the first things they’ll notice. Make sure your house number is large enough to see easily, in good nick and matches the style of your home.

  • Linen choices in the bedrooms

doona on bed pic

As the bed is such a big focal point of the room, it is important that the linen and dressing is neutral-coloured, mainstream and matches the rest of your décor.

  • Too much furniture

During home inspections, it is important you allow for lots of foot traffic, and good flow throughout the house. If potential clients enter your home and have to squeeze past lots of pieces of furniture, the space is going to feel cramped and frustrating.

Try putting the unnecessary pieces of furniture in storage, or in a friend’s garage whilst your home is on the market.

  • Pet smells


One of the most common complaints from potential buyers at home opens are pet smells or stains, which can be a big turn off. Clean all bits of hair from the floor and furniture, and remove toys, litter boxes and droppings from the yard.

It might be worth getting a professional carpet cleaner in, and deodorising any place your furry friend likes to be. To double check you’re in the clear, grab a friend who doesn’t live with you to have a smell as you may be used to it. And make sure you take your pets with you when you leave during home inspections.

  • Leaving the blinds down and the lights off 

Modern Living Room

Your home inspection is an opportunity to showcase your home as an inviting place to live, so make sure any heavy window treatments are opened and all lights are switched on. A buyer doesn’t want to enter a dark, cold home that feels closed off.

  • Cleaning up

Glass table in modern living room

Don’t assume buyers can ignore a dirty bathroom sink or a dusty table top. Remember that the potential buyers are viewing your home for the first time and are going to be critical, so make sure you do a major clean up before inspection day rolls around.

If it feels like a daunting task, it might be worth getting a professional cleaner in to help you out.

  • Showing a house without furniture

St. Lucia 2

Contrary to what you might think, many buyers cannot easily imagine their furniture filling your empty home, and in reality most people find houses without furniture to feel smaller and uninviting.

It’s best to choose some key pieces, such as beds, a couch and a dining room table and chairs to help buyers envision how their furniture may fit in the home.

  • Overdoing the de-cluttering  

Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan. potted plant in corner on wooden floor, with large windows allowing lots of sunlight to flood into minimally decorated room, Delta maidenhair(Adiantum raddianum)

Yes, there is such a thing! There is a fine line between a well-staged home and one that has been de-cluttered to the point of looking empty and sterile.

You want your home to look inviting and appealing to buyers, and if you overdo it with all the de-cluttering it could leave your home looking just the opposite. A few pops of personality and homeliness here and there are needed to keep buyers interested.

  • Setting the dining room table 

Dining Room

Although it sounds nice in theory, a set table with all the trimmings can make your home feel over-staged and a bit phony to potential buyers.

Try putting the cutlery and candlesticks away and keep it simple with a fresh bunch of flowers or a bowl of fruit in the centre of the table instead.

  • Neglecting the landscaping

luxury australian living

In the weeks leading up to your first home open, it is important that you turn your focus to the landscaping of your property. Spruce up your garden, prune shrubs and bushes into place, and make sure your lawn is mowed and looking healthy.

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