Gardening tips for autumn


Now is the perfect time to prepare your garden for the chilly months ahead, and help make sure you enjoy a blooming garden come spring time. So what autumn gardening jobs should you put on your to-do list?

  • Pruning

Pruning herbaceous perennials, shrubs and bushes is very important this time of year to remove dead and diseased wood, encourage blossoms and fruit come spring time, and generally tidy up the look of your garden. It’s important to understand the type of plants in your garden, to know when it is the optimal time to prune, as some plants have already set their spring buds and do not require a heavy prune. You can find out specifics on your plants online, at your local plant nursery, or sometimes you can even see the spurs and buds on the branch. We also recommend keeping your pair of secateurs sharp to avoid prolonging the healing process due to bruising and tearing.

Another great tip to avoid potentially carrying infections and disease from one plant to another during pruning is to dip your secateurs or clippers into disinfectant (such as bleach) and then wiping away any excess, before moving on to another plant.

  • Trim hedges

Hedges can begin to decay due to damp in the wetter months if they are not properly trimmed back. Just be sure not to cut back the plant too far, as it will not properly recover over winter, leaving you with a bare hedge! As a general rule, do not prune more than a third of the plant off. To let as much sunlight in as possible, you should also remove any leaf build-up, sticks and debris, from the hedge.

  • Focus on your lawn

The cooler nights in Autumn tend to slow the growth of grass blades. However, if properly tended to, the roots of the lawn will continue to grow in the warm soil, creating a strong root system. We recommend using slow release lawn food at this time and raking away any leaves and debris so sunlight can get through. You can also scatter lawn seed in areas which need some extra care.

It is also a good time to aerate any parts of the lawn that may become compacted due to heavy rains or traffic. Simply use pitchfork prong ends to loosen up the soil.

  • Plant bulbs

Planting bulbs in autumn might not seem like an obvious job, but bulbs planted now will see their flowers germinate from the soil at the right time in spring, so you can enjoy beautiful colour in your garden.

  • Plant and transplant

If you’re looking to shift established plants, or plant new plants, autumn is a great time to do so. The soil is still warm from the summer, and there is also increased moisture due to autumn rain, all of which will help new and established plants adapt to their new environment. For some plants even, such as roses, autumn is the ideal time to plant.

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