Fireplace design ideas for this winter

The inclusion of a fireplace in a family home has always been about heating a property and making family life a little more comfortable. Yet, in today’s property world, fireplaces are being used as a focal point for many rooms of the home, not just a living area. These days you can find them anywhere from the lounge room to a bathroom and everywhere in between.

It is becoming increasingly important to plan your set up properly to ensure your fireplace compliments your space, and your existing furnishings. To help you choose what design or materials to best fit your home, we have outlined the different styles to pick from. Explore these fireplace designs to help you create a look that will command attention for the right reasons in your place!


Typically found in more rustic looking homes, a stone fireplace really brings out the coziness of a room. Perfect for country or beach side properties, the use of natural materials helps to make the fireplace stand out as an eye-catching feature. Usually, stone fireplaces don’t match a highly modern or a contemporary space and therefore they are common in older or specifically styled homes. Nevertheless, if your heart is set on the look of a stone fireplace, there’s also the option of having a faux stone fireplace which is a little more versatile when it comes to modern styled homes.

Stone 2


In modern and contemporary styled homes, fireplaces are not just for practicality. They are also used as a décor and architectural element, adding some excitement to untraditional spaces such as a bathroom or den. If you are in the midst of renovating or building a modern style home, consider including a fireplace as a statement piece in your home.

Modern 1


Whilst fireplaces built into a wall are commonly found in WA homes, they aren’t the only type available. Floating fireplaces sit suspended from the ceiling and are an interesting option for homes with high ceilings or with large living spaces. The advantage of having such a fireplace is that you can place them anywhere you want. They can be placed in the center of a room as a focal point, or installed to fit around your current living room layout.



Metal fireplaces are not exactly common or popular in today’s property market, but they do appeal to a certain home or style. It can be much more difficult to integrate a metal fireplace into your home unless some of your other design elements also feature metal. When styled correctly, this look can give the perfect industrial twist, especially in converted warehouse properties. Whilst they don’t provide the same warmth as other fireplace options such as stone, they look great in a rustic environment and add an element of design.


Fireplace room dividers

Fireplace room dividers combine two wonderful elements in one design. Opt for such a feature if you have an open floor plan and you want to gain a bit of privacy in the living room or if you think a fireplace would look great in both the living room and the dining area. A fireplace is the perfect feature to integrate in a room divider or a wall divider. It’s an option that gives you the possibility to have a fireplace which can be seen and enjoyed from two separate spaces.

Room divider


An outdoor fireplace can be a breathtaking and a great main attraction for a backyard. You can organize a comfy seating area around it so everyone can see the fireplace and enjoy the warmth. They help to perfect an outdoor setting for evening gatherings, and are great for those cool, dry nights Perth often have throughout the winter months.

Outdoor fireplaces are quite different than those designed for the interior. First of all, they can be much bigger than an indoor fireplace because the restrictions of space are not the same. Also, the designs of outdoor fireplaces have certain distinct characteristics, such as an open and outdoorsy feel.


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